Thursday, March 13, 2014

The eXpandable IMAge PROcessing project

The X-Imapro project was started back in 2001 as a simple image processing program during university classes to support user's image processing routines using dlls under the same shell without re-compilation of the source code. 
Ximapro is a "shell" application that loads pictures and displays them in a Multi-Document interface (MFC). The image processing tools (filters) are plug-ins, in a form of DLLs, created individually by users. Ximapro is a suitable tool for students who want to create their own filters in C/C++ and test them without spending time to create an image reading/ saving and displaying application. Ximapro gives you this ability to easily write speed C/C++ filters, saves your time, giving you the opportunity to focus on your filter design.

Some screenshots:

Ximapro is running under Windows.

to be continued...

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