Monday, July 25, 2016

New app for Android: Silence@Power

How about putting your phone to charge (plug the usb cable) before go to bed and automatically mute all calls and notifications sounds? Nice idea, ehh?

Well, I had this idea for myself so I made a small android app, initially called Silence@Night. Then, I think again, why to be limited only in the evening, so I made it more general and named it as "Silence@Power".Using his app, users can choose the time interval during which they want it to be active as well as the appropriate actions to be taken when they plug in or unplug the device from its power cord.

The application does not use many resources as it's triggered only on power cord plug in/out and on specific times.

Notice: On Android 5+, muting is in form of "Do not disturb" mode, which means that you can allow some important contacts (eg favorites) to disturb this procedure through your phone settings.

Enjoy it !

or download here!